I would like to introduce myself:
I’m 34, an Independent Israeli Escort with natural blond hair, soft skin to touch and all natural.


Though your are here looking for a special independent escort, I am more than just an escort.

I believe in the power of human touch, being close, and expressing our sensuality as important aspects of our lives and as well as well being (our own personal happiness). When I’m with you, I will make sure to create a special space filled with intensity and excitement. I like setting the stage for you to kick back and share your deepest desires, creating a place where you will feel totally at ease, just like at home, but without any self-consciousness or shame.

kris independent tel aviv escort


Height: 178cm
Weight: 57kg
Breast size: C/D
Young 30’s
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes

White Wine,
Dark Chocolate

Available for:
Men & Women

kris independent tel aviv escort


I like meeting couples

Long term partners have developed many different techniques to stay together while their needs have diverged.

Sometimes , the women can be a passive onlooker watching her partner enjoy himself, or she can be more active…either way I enjoy giving and “getting.”


After my introduction, my Gallery is the most sought after section of my site


My Escorting is not just about finances its also about a vast secret world that I would have never have crossed paths with in the more traditional scenarios.

My overactive libido, my curiosity about people, starting a new profession as an independent all led me my escorting.

I enjoy th adventure and excitement and I really do enjoy sex. It doesn’t take much to my hormones flowing. So I’m working as an escort for fun, life experiences and some play money.

My professional/public job correlates to my university degree (quantum physics? micro-biology? marketing? foreign relations? – I might give you some hints after we meet).



Would you like to get in touch? You can reach me at:


1 hour | 2000nis / person

2 hours | 4000nis / person

and outside of Tel Aviv, I do have a travel cost, Jerusalem, Herzaliya, etc

If we’re good, then feel free to send me an email.

kris independent tel aviv escort
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It should be noted that those who would like me to visit them, are doing so well aware that they are paying for my companionship services only. We may discuss the “big bang” or perhaps the quantum physics and how it will be affecting our lives. And all the content that I’ve written within the site with those very sexy pictures… nothing more than a marketing scheme.

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kris independent tel aviv escort

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