kris independent tel aviv escort

I'm Kris

Your Consultant with a Very Personal Touch

I would like to introduce myself to you, my website visitor. I’m Kris.

I’m 34, an Israeli with blond hair, really soft to touch natural tits and an smile that Colgate would love to use in one of their commericals.

Now it’s time for you to look through my minimalistic website…

kris independent tel aviv escort

About Me

This is where you learn about me, first we start off with the fact that I live, work and play in Tel Aviv. I’m not escorting out of financial need, nor am I a professional on some kind of “world tour.” In fact, my professional job correlates to my university degree (quantum physics? micro-biology? marketing? foreign relations? – I might give you some hints after we meet).

I do enjoy adventure and excitement and I really do enjoy sex. It doesn’t take much to my hormones flowing. So I’m working as an escort for fun, life experiences and some play money.

You can expect from me a real GFE.


For the last year I’ve been what is referred to as a UTR (under the radar). That means no advertising, just word of mouth.

Having seen so many ugly escort websites I decided to create a website, that is more of an artistic escort site rather than more practical one. So that is what your now looking at.

The progression of photos here might give you a sense for what our meeting will be like.

And for those who are “art challanged”

  1. The first picture is of my soft tits that I’m slowly exposing to you. But of course soon you will want to see more of my body.
  2. The next picture shows more of my body, but in that position there is no place to place your cock.
  3. We then move down where you do see more of my whole body including my ass…and now you can start to imagine yourself moving into position.
  4. Finally the final image is where you get to concentrate on just my ass, with its smooth skin and perfect shape…and now you can stick your cock in my pussy (not my ass), as this is my favorite position 🙂
kris independent tel aviv escort

Quite a view, isn't it?


I visit only hotels, I expect good English and good manners. Females are welcome, as are couples.... more details below.

The Necessary Details

We start off with my Price:

2000nis /hr / person
3800nis /2 hrs
USD are also accepted

and outside of Tel Aviv, I do have a travel cost, Jerusalem, Herzaliya, etc

If we’re good, then feel free to send me an email.

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It should be noted that those who would like me to visit them, are doing so well aware that they are paying for my companionship services only. We may discuss the “big bang” or perhaps the quantum physics and how it will be affecting our lives. And all the content that I’ve written within the site with those very sexy pictures… nothing more than a marketing scheme.